Friday, August 28, 2009

Warning: Obamites are Weaker Than You Think

Official conservative response to the Obama phenomenon is that he and his kind are crazy lefties, and that they'll stop at nothing until they've destroyed America.

Maybe there's a problem with that analysis. Maybe it overestimates the Obama folks.

We all know that you should never underestimate the opposition, you know, like liberals. But now that we've had President Obama for about six months we are starting to get a feel for him.

I think what we've got is a weak president.

President Obama is weak because he is inexperienced. Of course no president comes into office prepared for the job. But still, Barack Obama really doesn't have the experience he needs. What a president needs is experience getting out of a jam. Barack Obama has lived a charmed life up to now, with people making the weather for him. And we don't really know how much of the brilliant campaign was Obama and how much was David Axelrod and Co.

President Obama is weak because the American people really don't want what he is offering. They don't like his stimulus package. They don't like the bailouts. They don't like the cap-and-trade, and they really don't like the health plan. What do they like? They like his wife and kids.

President Obama is weak because the left is not helping. A lefty friend complained on a listserv that Obama was selling out on health care. He completely misunderstands Obama's problem. Obama would love to legislate "single payer" for his lefty base. But he can't. He will try his darnedest to get the closest he can to single payer, given what he can get through Congress. But it's beginning to look as if he is not going to get much. That's not a sell-out. That's reality.

To make matters worse, the president is trying to calm down the left by investigating the CIA. This is like playing with fire. All we need is another terrorist attack and Obama's presidency is in deep trouble.

Here's what is shaping up. Even with a big majority in the House, and 60-40 in the US Senate, the Democrats don't have the votes to go up against the American people. Republicans would die and go to heaven to get the kind of majorities the Democrats enjoy, for haven't had anything like it for over a hundred years. But it is looking as if the Democrats are going to waste their opportunity by trying to do stuff that the American people flat out don't want.

What the American people want right now is for its political leaders to right the economy and clean up the nation's balance sheet. If the Democrats won't do that for them, they'll find someone who will.

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