Friday, August 21, 2009

ObamaCare on Life Support

Just in time for a late summer weekend all the conservative commentariat is signing the death certificate for ObamaCare.

The most penetrating analysis is Peggy Noonan, once conservatives' sweetheart.

Every big idea that works is marked by simplicity, by clarity. You can understand it when you hear it, and you can explain it to people. Social Security: Retired workers receive a public pension to help them through old age.

But ObamaCare is full of the "secret language of government that no one understands—'single payer,' 'public option,' 'insurance marketplace exchange.'" People are right to be suspicious of it, and vote No.

So President Obama should pull the plug and admit he made a mistake. Unlike President Bush.

(Yeah, like that makes any sense. If President Obama admits he made a mistake the MSM will all coo that he's wonderful and modest. But President Bush was fighting a war. You can't say that Americans lost their lives in a mistake. And if Bush had said that Iraq was a mistake then the MSM and Democrats would have eaten him alive.)

It's also kinda fun to read Charles Krauthammer say that Palin is wrong about "death panels" except that she's right. End-of-life counseling will obviously nudge people towards letting go, he writes, and when government nudges, it will feel like a shove.

Anyway. One thing we are learning, according to Jonah Goldberg, as if we didn't know.

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, liberal Democrats have to accuse their opponents of racism.

It doesn't matter that America elected a black man as president. Liberals are still going to accuse anyone that opposes him of racism.

Actually, Goldberg has a darker suggestion. The racism charge is all about finding a scapegoat. Liberals are all casting around to find the right language to do this.

They'll keep trying until they find a scapegoat that works, because that is what they do.

But let's broaden the canvas. Politics is all about finding the scapegoat, because that is how you keep a political community together. It's buried deep in the DNA of evolution. When something goes wrong, you need to pile all the blame onto a scapegoat. That's how you manage to deal with the disaster and then go on.

There is another way. It is called freedom, liberty, capitalism. In that way, people take responsibility for their own mistakes. You don't need scapegoats, because in the world of liberty mistakes are OK and they don't threaten the whole community. If you aren't making mistakes you aren't learning anything.

Meanwhile, back to the bleachers to watch our liberal friends deal with their imploding dreams of universal health insurance.

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