Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Liberals: Stop Scaring Moderate Women

Even though the current health care debate is a replay of the 1993/4 HillaryCare fiasco it is worth remembering what happened back then.

What happened is that moderate women decided they wanted to keep their current health care arrangements.

And that is what seems to be happening this time around.

Moderate women have two concerns about health care. The first one is that they want to set up arrangements for the health care of themselves and their children. This means, in the first place, health insurance, and in the second place setting up ongoing relationships with doctors, specialists, hospitals, clinics. Moderate women want to know that everything is in place when they have a health care problem.

So if you start to mess with the careful health care arrangements a moderate woman has set up she will be afraid that she won't be able to get the care she needs for her family.

The second health care concern of moderate women is the health of their mothers. No, they don't worry too much about their fathers; their mothers take care of that.

Their problem is that as their mothers get older and more frail in body and mind they find that they are stepping in more and more to supervise. At the end of life, they are the ones working with health care professionals and making the hard decisions.

So when you start to mess with the careful health care arrangements that moderate women have set up for their mothers with "death panels" based on comparative effectiveness research, you make moderate women fear that they won't be able to get the health care they need for their mothers.

Now you can see why liberals and their ObamaCare are scaring the pants off moderate women and driving them into the arms of conservatives and Republicans.

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