Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's Do It the Hard Way

Remember back in 2005? President Bush campaigned to reform Social Security. His plan was to partially privatize Social Security and get rid of the unfunded liability.

Democrats, liberals, unions, and the AARP joined together in a campaign to stop reform.

Of course, part of President Bush's plan was a curb on Social Security benefits. His opponents naturally focused on that part of the plan.

Now we have Democrats under President Obama proposing a reform of health care. One of the key provisions is an attempt to reduce the cost of Medicare with end-of-life counseling.

Republicans, conservatives, and senior citizens have joined together in a campaign to stop reform.

They don't like the end-of-life care proposals, calling them "death panels."

Now, as a conservative, I regard President Obama's proposals oppressive and anti-freedom. But they are a serious, if dishonest, attempt to address the Medicare unfunded liability which is now, apparently, hitting $83 trillion.

If ObamaCare goes down just like President Bush's initiative on Social Security reform, then US voters will have sent an unmistakable message.

We don't want to solve the entitlement problem now. We would rather wait and solve it the hard way, in a total government spending train wreck, further down the track.

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