Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tony Abbott Equals Reagan Equals Bush

When Barack Obama acceded to the presidency after various verbal infelicities, such as the 57 states incident, he was hailed as a brilliant everything.

But conservative politicians are always represented as barely human.  Ronald Reagan was an amiable dunce.  George W. Bush was a dumb Texas cowboy.

So it's no surprise that Tony Abbott, leader of the conservative Liberal Party and winner in the recent Australian general election, has been characterized as an embarrassment.  He made a verbal slip about the "suppositories of wisdom" and is regarded as "hostile to women" and sexist for talking about the "sex appeal" of certain women parliamentary candidates.
Slowly, the public has come to accept Mr Abbott as its next prime minister, though he has long been dogged by claims he is hostile to women, particularly after his fierce approach to Miss Gillard.

He was heavily criticised for appearing at a rally against the carbon tax outside Parliament House surrounded by banners referring to Ms Gillard as "Ju-Liar" and "the Bitch".

Australia's first female prime minister hit back at him in a stirring speech in parliament last October that made global headlines.

"I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man," she said. "I've had enough, Australian women have had enough."
Well of course.  You're not allowed to criticize liberal women: That's sexist.  Just as you are not allowed to criticize President Obama: That's racist.

Any US conservative can see the parallels with US politics.  Conservatives are always characterized as unfriendly to women.  Or making divisive comments.  Or being sexist.  Or extremist.  A chap like Barack Obama can be way off on the left wing but get reported as the savior of women, children, and minorities.

Somewhere there is a campaign consultant that knows how to neuter this sort of thing.  But it won't be easy, because the routine marginalization of conservative politicians reflects the left-wing nature of the mainstream media.  The media lives in a bubble where of course conservatives are extremist, of course they are unintelligent, of course they are racist, sexist, homophobic.

That's why I issue the call to "Discredit Liberalism Utterly" in the American Thinker today.   I mean that particularly in the minds of nice women who have learned their lessons well in the modern secular seminary.  Because only when those nice women feel utterly betrayed will the scales fall off their eyes.  Only then will they realize that liberalism is bad for women for their children and other humans.  That liberals sees them as dupes, marks, easily manipulated innocents.  Because for liberals it is all about getting and keeping and deploying government power.  No matter how it hurts ordinary people just trying to live their lives.

Meanwhile, Tony Abbott has won in Australia, and "Australia is under new management and once again open for business."

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