Thursday, September 12, 2013

No Shortcuts writes JR Dunn

Terrified by three-and-a-half more years of Obama?  Too bad, writes American Thinker's J.R. Dunn.  There is no easy way out; nor should we want one.  What this nation needs is a decisive rejection of liberalism.
I want every single train of events set in motion by Obama, his administration, and his supporters, down to the last halfwit college undergrad, to play out in full.  I want every disaster that fool and his parade of twitches have triggered to blossom in bleak completion.  I want to see all their trains collide, all their ships sink, all their airships burnt to cinders.
The purpose of this is not to experience the fun of it.  It's not going to be fun, not for anyone.  And there is no shortcut to the sunny green uplands of a conservative future.
I prefer that we drink this cup to the dregs, take this road to its lonely end.  The liberals need to undergo the whipping that they have dodged for over seven decades.  The voters of this country, who have treated politics like a reality series, need to be backhanded by the world as it exists.  We require a rude awakening.  This country's pols, both left and right, need to be overwhelmed with worry as to what the next day will bring.  The people of this country need to be buried up to their necks in the results of their own infantilism.  All the fantasy castles need to be demolished to the last stone.  Liberalism must be discredited and humiliated, its adherents defeated and dispersed.  The leader of the whole circus must be tormented to the human limit and beyond, forced to break down in front of the cameras as he begs for help that will not come. 
In my view, it is women, white women, that need to experience this meltdown most of all.  Liberals have been spinning lies to women for decades and women have lapped it all up -- hey, no offence, women are programmed to lap up the milk of the lover's blandishments.

But women are going to find out in the next few years how bad liberalism is for them, their children, and their loved ones.

It will all be too late, of course.  That always happens with women.

But it is not a weakness in women that this always happens.  It's clear that women are programmed, by God or by Darwin, to believe in the conventional wisdom of their local community of women.  And when things go south, women are programmed to hang on, hoping against hope that they can get their children to adulthood before the flood carries everything before it to utter ruin.

Since woman have the vote, their credulity and their just-hang-on culture is now part of the public square, and we skeptical, rebellious men just have to deal with it.

That's why we need to experience the absolute liberal wipeout for the next three-and-a-half years.  So that the American people, down to the lowest information women voters, say: Never Again. 

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  1. What a misogynistic moron. Laughable.