Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obama Discredits Liberalism

When I wrote my usual American Thinker op-ed over the weekend titled "Discredit Liberalism Utterly" I had no idea that when the article ran yesterday it would be the same day that President Obama would do the job for us.

Imagine that. Imagine how the president could have done more to discredit liberalism utterly in his speech on Syria of September 10, 2013, a day which will live...  As the day that liberalism started to die.

On top of that it was also the day that two Colorado state senators were recalled by a movement led by a twentysomething plumber.  You know their names: State Senator John Morse and State Senator Angela Giron.  You may not know the plumber.  His name is Victor Head.

John Ransom addressed the discredit liberalism issue in "6 Tricks that God has played on Liberals since November:"
It’s not even just that they are wrong, it’s that at the top of the liberal pyramid they are liars, intellectually bankrupt, the moral and intellectual equivalents of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, spreading a gospel which not only they don’t understand, but the they exploit for their own, and no one else’s gain.
Yeah, that does put it in a special light.  Liberals are no better than the Bakkers.  In a real sense.  We don't know what the Bakkers really believed about God.  And we don't really know what liberals believe about liberalism.  But we do know that, when you add the numbers up the only people that really seem to benefit from liberalism are liberals.

Just like the Bakkers and God.

Jonah Goldberg also has a piece today that kinda hammers the whole "discredit liberalism" meme home.  He talks about the idea that liberals are live-and-let-live people and that liberal support for gay marriage and abortion proves it.  That, he says, is the Grand Myth of liberalism.
Social liberalism is the foremost, predominant and in many instances sole impulse for zealous regulation in this country, particularly in big cities. I love it when liberals complain about a ridiculous bit of PC nanny-statism coming out of New York, L.A., Chicago, D.C., Seattle, etc. -- "What will they do next?"

Uh, sorry to tell you, but you are "they." Outside of a "Law and Order" script -- or an equally implausible MSNBC diatribe about who ruined Detroit -- conservatives have as much influence on big-city liberalism as the Knights of Malta.
And when it comes to gay marriage and abortion, you'd better agree with liberals or else.  Gay marriage?  The local Human Rights Commission in New Mexico will come after you.  Abortion?  Obamacare says you gotta pay for it.

Thanks to those sharing and caring live-and-let-live liberals.

The only problem for me is what happens after liberalism is utterly discredited.  Even Aussie conservative Tony Abbott figured he needed to romance the ladies with a proposed maternal leave policy financed by a teeny-tiny tax on the rich earning more that $500,000 a year.

You see, nothing changes.  All politicians are like predatory plunderers, egging on their supporters with the promise of loot.  Women are supposed to be sharers and carers, yet politicians treat them like they were potential rapers and pillagers, anxious to get their hands on some free stuff.

The solution is obvious.  Fire the minds of men and women with the idea of limited government, that any plan to plunder A and give it to B is sick and wrong, and against "our values."

But who will be the one to make the first move?  Any ideas, President Obama?

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  1. I actually have some insight on what Jim Bakker believed. A good friend of mine was in a prison prayer ministry where Jim was incarcerated. He often prayed with Jim. He said very little, which is appropriate, but I got the impression of a humbled man who's faith was greatly altered for the better by the experience of his public fall.