Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Second Amendment March on Washington

Obviously it will be a while before Republicans get a chance to enact good conservative legislation for America.  Even if they wanted to.  It is clear with his appointments that President Obama is going flat out to enact the most liberal agenda he can before time runs out.

Although I wonder about the idea that the Dems can retake the House in 2014.  Do they really think that or is it just bluster?

Meanwhile here is something we can do.  We can march on Washington to celebrate the Second Amendment.  Based on news reports that Americans are descending on gun shops in their tens of thousands and buying all the guns available, you have to think there is gold in them thar hills.

But I don't think we should have just the regular "march" where people gather on the Mall to hear speeches.  That is so lefty.

What I have in mind is a real march.  Men (and women) marching in companies.  In step.  Maybe they should be singing the "Song of Angry Men" from Les Mis.  They should be marching in companies because the company of 150 men is the natural size of a face-to-face body of men.

And there should be flags.  Usually your average regiment will have two flags, so I suggest a US flag and a "2" flag.  You know what the "2" is for.

Now I don't know Washington DC so I don't know how you'd do this march.  But I see the companies marching past a viewing stand somewhere on the Mall, at which huge articulated puppets, as in War Horse, representing the three great presidents, would review the marchers.

I see the three puppets representing Presidents Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan.

When the marchers pass the reviewing stand they would recite, from memory, the Second Amendment to the US Constitution:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Then the marchers would head home.

I think a march like this would be a good morale booster for all conservative Americans.

And it would utterly flummox our liberal friends.