Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do Alinsky's Rules Work?

It's become patently obvious that President Obama's only modus operandi is Alinsky: demonize the opposition.  With a bit of Marcuse: "the systematic withdrawal of tolerance toward regressive and repressive opinions" added in for good measure.  That's what Daniel Henninger is writing today.

But here's my question.  Does it work?  Yes, let's say it works in the context of a community organizer wanting to rile up his followers.  Yes, it works in the context of academicians enforcing their liberal orthodoxy in the university.

But does tactics add up to strategy?

What does the community organizer achieve, long term?  In Zola's Germinal the radical suit Étienne gets the miners to wreck the mines, obliterating their livelihood, and then he heads out of town for his next radical gig.  Way to go, Étienne!

And really, what are the PC types and the Gramscians doing the Long March through the institutions really achieving?  I will tell you what.  They are wrecking the lives of everyone below the educated class.  They are using the minorities-and-women-hardest-hit for their votes, and making them into government dependents, and then wiping the floor with them.

And of course when the money runs out then the president's party will wave their hands and rage and fume and let their minorities and women get hardest hit.  No rocket science here.  It just obvious that anyone that relies on the government for their welfare is going to be badly hit when the government runs out of money.

The bottom line is that the conservative bid to reform the welfare state has failed.  The voters voted to continue things-as-they-are.  OK.  Then all we can do is be there when the default comes and say look: if you want a decent society where the poor are relieved and the average person can get ahead then you cannot vote for big government.  Because big government always ends up eating the seed corn.

Alinsky and Obamian divisiveness are tactics.  But right now I'd say that the Democrats are flat out of strategy.  They can't reform the entitlements because if they did then people would stop voting for them.

So they haul out Alinsky and bellow that the Republicans are monsters.  But don't forget women-and-minorities, that when the government runs out of money your community organizer types will do just fine.  It will be you and yours that end up paying the piper.  And why?  Because you gave up your birthright for a mess of pottage.

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