Monday, January 28, 2013

How Obama Guys Worry About Inequality

I know.  You'd hardly credit it, what with the trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.

But the Obamis are worried, according to Jim Tankersley, that the president is concentrating too much on the deficit and not on  poverty and inequality.
[B]y tapping Lew as Timothy Geithner’s successor at Treasury, the president is signaling clearly that budget negotiations with congressional Republicans will dominate economic policymaking in his second term.
Oh really?  In 2011 the president got a hot new chappie on inequality, Alan Krueger.
Krueger says Obama will propose more steps to address inequality. “The president is genuinely motivated by concern about growing inequality and the stress it puts on the middle class and those struggling to get into the middle class,” he said. “That really animates his views on the economy.”
OK.  What steps, exactly?
 But the policy options Obama has talked about — such as tax reform — tend to work around the edges and focus on the budget. Raising tax rates a few points on the rich or limiting their charitable deductions won’t do much to help middle-class wages break out of their decades-long stagnation. Protecting federal spending on education and innovation is an attempt to keep the middle class from slipping even further, but it’s nowhere near the fundamental overhaul in skills training that many economists believe is necessary to help workers thrive amid global competition.
So that is the big liberal idea: "fundamental overhaul in skills training."  Oh please!

It just shows that conservatives are foolish to get panicked about the future.  These liberals don't have a clue.

You want to know why inequality is going up?  It's all there in Charles Murray's Coming Apart.  The administrative welfare state has created a world that works pretty well for the top 20 percent.  But it has visited a murrain on the lower income folks, where marriage is going down for women and work is going down among men.  Now why would that be?  Lack of "skills training?"  Ya think?

Look liberals.  You geniuses have turned society into a system.  You have blitzed the self-powered lower income family and plugged it into the state.  Of course inequality is going up.  Of course lower income people are suffering.  And things will get worse.  And no amount of "skills training," let alone taxing the rich, or any new administrative "system" is going to make a blind bit of difference.

It all comes down to this:  Government is force.  Politics is division.  System is domination.  Until you liberals read, learn and inwardly digest that, you are going to be making things worse and worse for the people you claim to represent: the eternal "minorities and women hardest hit."

Your silly political interventions are pathetic.  But there will come a day when "pathetic" won't quite cut it.  There will soon be people in the public square raging about "injustice."  And it won't be pretty.

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