Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who Is Kidding Whom?

I remain unfazed by the doings of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). It is, no doubt, the poster boy for those that said all along that Barack Obama was a left-wing radical, and not the centrist healer of his campaign. In fact I am unfazed by all the extremist politics of Obamaland, from the stimulus that was really a payoff to supporters to the ObamaCare that will lead to government rationing of health care.

I am enough of a Clausewitzean to believe that you can't win a war without a decisive battle, and the best way to win a decisive battle is when your opponent is way over-extended.

It is a sign of the times when even the liberal Denver Post thinks the NLRB has gone too far with its publication of regulations to make it easier to organize the workplace. Writes the Post:

The compressed time frame would deprive employers of the full ability to communicate with employees about the effects of collective bargaining, and it would give employees less time to thoughtfully consider all the issues.

The Post editors are even copacetic with the idea of Boeing building "airplanes in a state with lower costs that is thrilled to have the company."

The reason that I remain unfazed by the Obama administration is that I believe that the Obamis are leading their supporters off a cliff. The result of ObamaCare will be to reverse the decades-long government takeover of health care. The result of the stimulus will be to give stimulus a bad name. The result of the rogue NLRB will be legislation that limits the privileges of labor unions. The liberals don't care. They will do fine; they will find liberal billionaires to fund the Democratic Party. But the union members will be thrown under the bus. The folks without health insurance will find that it's not as easy to game the health care system as it used to be. The government employees will be paying more for their benefits.

It's a shame, of course, because these folks really believed the politicians when they said they cared.

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