Monday, June 6, 2011

"See the USA"

I think it was Dinah Shore that sang the good old jingle, "See the USA in your Chevrolet." Yes, it was. And a grand idea it was.

Now unannounced presidential candidate Sarah Palin is doing the same and everyone who is anyone is sniffing with nose high in the air. "Unschooled," says Charles Krauthammer. And the mainstream media is all upset that she's not laying on full campaign services for them on her current bus tour.

It's comical. One of the great acceptable national fibs is a candidate for president affirming that he "hasn't decided" whether to run for president. It's all supposed to be good fun and an inside joke between the candidate and the media.

But with Sarah Palin, it's supposed to be scandalous.

Look fellahs. It seems pretty obvious to me that it makes no sense for Gov. Palin to become a full-fledged candidate right now. She does much better flitting around on a royal progress pressing the flesh and demonstrating that she knows more than the average liberal about American history.

The campaign professionals are convinced that she's not running because she hasn't set up a campaign organization on the ground. OK, that's their view of the elephant.

But I suspect that when Palin actually announces for president, people will be running to her, begging to be allowed to set up a campaign organization in their state or city. Not to mention that there is a Palin organization in place already. It is called the Tea Party and I suspect that Palin has pretty good connections with that unorganized organization.

In all the fuss and feathers of the coming months, the thing to keep in mind about Sarah Palin is that she is a seasoned and resourceful elected politician. Anything else is reckless misunderestimating.

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