Monday, June 13, 2011

Revolt Against the Empire of Lies

Why not use the rhetoric of the American revolution to report today's politics? In that case, according to Andrew Klavan:

The week just past was a great one for the New American Revolution — that guerrilla assault by alternative media minutemen on the amassed redcoats of the Empire of Lies.

Yeah, that is one way of reporting Andrew Breitbart's exposure of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) as "a lowlife and liar." The problem with Breitbart, for the Empire of Lies, is that he is fearless.

Then, writes Klavan, there is Glenn Beck, who will be starting his own on-line network GBTV when he finishes with FoxNews. Beck has been replaying some of his on-air predictions, "predictions for which he was sometimes called crazy and which have more often than not come true."

Then there is Ann Coulter and Demonic, arguing "the thesis that the American left is the party of the mob." I wonder why she thinks that?

Klavan finishes with this:

The Mainstream Media’s Empire of Lies is still an empire, after all. They still have most of the money and almost all of the air. The alternative media is still, as it were, taking potshots at them from behind rocks and trees.

But last week — man oh man! — it sure looked like Lexington and Concord to me.

And, as I suggested to an e-mailer, using a different colonial metaphor: There are definite signs out there that "the natives are restless."

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