Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dems to Link GOP to Palin and Tea Party

Yes. You read it right. According to Patrik Jonsson the Democrats are planning to campaign against the GOP by linking candidates to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement.

Democrats are aiming to vilify the rising Tea Party movement as woefully old-school and out of touch. “Labeling their GOP candidates as being part of the Sarah Palin or Tea Party wing of the GOP will be the key element” of Democratic attacks in 2010, writes John Fund in The Wall Street Journal.

Old school? Out of touch? Democrats are planning to say that a brand-new grass-roots populist movement is old and out of touch? What are they smoking? Sounds like it's the Democrats that are out of touch, calling plays out of a 30-year-old playbook.

Here's more:

“The Republican Party is trapped by their base, which is going increasingly conservative,” says Mr. Abramowitz [, political scientist from Emory University, Atlanta].

Actually, the Republican Party has to do some pretty fancy footwork to keep its base at home and also capitalize on the Tea Party movement. But you don't need me to tell you that.

The big problem for the Republican Tea Party is to turn around folks like Larry Elder's dentist. Larry took his 94-year-old dad to the dentist, and all of a sudden, the dentist wanted to talk politics.

"Sarah Palin, do you guys really like her?"

My dad's doctor asked me this a couple of weeks ago. His smile seemed to shout, "Are you guys crazy?" I had taken my 94-year-old Republican father to see him several times, but politics never came up.

Larry took the dentist through a long dialog in which he challenged all the Democratic talking points: that Palin's stupid, not prepared. And on through Joe Biden being on the wrong side of every issue for thirty year. And then to Bush actually being smarter than Al Gore and John Kerry according to their test scores.

Basically, the dentist was a Democrat and liked Democratic policy and politicians. Until it came to ObamaCare.

Dad's doctor suddenly turned into Mr. Hyde. He teed off on the government dictating how he should practice medicine. He predicted that costs would go up, not down. He predicted that quality would go down, not up. He talked about the importance of the profit incentive.

"Sarah Palin feels the same way you do."

Well, now. Do tell.

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