Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Democrats Help the Rich

Although the Obama stimulus package was advertised as a way to keep unemployment under 8 percent it is pretty clear that, from the start, it was designed as a mammoth earmark program. Writes Mona Charen:

[U]nemployment has continued to climb since passage. That's not surprising when you consider that the overwhelming majority of funds (116,625 grants) have gone to governments, not the private sector (13,080 grants).

And, of course, Democratic districts have been getting twice the stimulus money that Republican districts have gotten.

But wait a minute. We've been getting reports recently that government workers earn more than private sector workers, on average, Federal workers are earning about 40 percent more than private sectors, and state and local workers are earning about 37 percent more.

So doesn't that mean that this government-centric stimulus is going to the rich?

Somewhere in these United States there is a politician that is planning to ride to victory on the injustice of government workers earning more than private sector workers. Just wait.

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