Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama's Keystone Kops Presidency

Don't say you haven't been warned. When liberals were falling all over themselves laughing about Sarah Palin's lack of qualifications for Vice President, conservatives responded by pointing out that Palin had a lot more government executive experience than Candidate Obama.

And that's how it turned out. What we see, from top to bottom of the Obama administration, is lack of experience and lack of seasoning.

At the laughable level we have the bumbling White House czars, who are not really czars but glorified community activists trying to organize "communities" out of the White House. Van Jones, the former green jobs czar was obviously not ready for prime time. Now we have the NEA flap, with junior White House aides like Buffy Wicks trying to get NEA grantees mobilized to make art for Obama.

We have President Obama, who has a 20 year history with ACORN, making like he didn't know nothing about ACORN and its federal funding. Come now Mr President. Pretty soon you will be telling us that a penalty on people who don't buy health insurance isn't a tax.

Now we have the rather clumsy effort by the Department of Health and Human Services to muzzle health care giant Humana. Naturally the folks at the Huffington Post are outraged--at Humana. Dissent for me but not for thee, insist our liberal friends, especially if the "thee" is an eevil corporation.

Of course this is all just surface effect. The real rot is much deeper. It is the fundamental error in the liberal world view that informs the Obama administration and the liberal project.

  • It is not true that politicizing the economy, as the Obamites want to do, will make any improvement in the lives of Americans. All it will do is create conflict as people fight for the government goodies.
  • It is not true that making nice with thug dictators will help the cause of world peace. Your Putins, your Ahmadinejads, your Castros, your Assads, your Chavezs are all alike. They live and die with power. And power must be met with power.

These fundamental errors in world view are going to cost the American people plenty, in treasure and in lives.

But the chances are that the American people will start taking their country back next year. And not a moment too soon.

Democrats thought, last January, that it was 1933 all over again. Probably, it was 1977, and time for another bumbling Carter administration.

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