Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Palin: What's not to like?

Governor Palin made her first speech since resigning as governor of Alaska to bankers in Hong Kong recently. The speech wasn't open to reporters, but it was reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Here's what Palin told the bankers:

  • She blamed the financial crisis on government excesses.
  • She said China makes a lot of people nervous.
  • She asked whether the change that Americans voted for was really for more government.
  • She criticized redistributive government policies.
  • She criticized the Federal Reserve's low interest policies for setting up the financial crisis.
  • "She called for tax cuts as well as the elimination of the capital gains and estate tax."
  • She mentioned "death panels" and called for market-based health care reforms.
  • She criticized Nancy Pelosi on Afghanistan.
Really. What's not to like? Palin is positioning herself as a strong free-enterprise conservative. That should look amazingly fresh and comforting to Americans by 2012 after four years of feverish left-wing activism.

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