Friday, September 25, 2009

G-20 Protests: Racist, Sexist, Classist

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Democrats, liberals, and MSMers were describing the convivial, peaceful 9/12 protests as racist. Not that you could tell, directly, but these experts knew what was really in the hearts of Americans protesting big government and high taxes.

There's no difficulty in describing the violent protesters at the Pittsburgh G-20 summit on Thursday. They are racists, sexists, and classists. And unlike the anti-establishment 9/12ers, the G-20 protestors are echoing ideas and ideologies they were taught at their government schools. They play-act being anarchists and underdogs, but really they act with the encouragement of the progressive educated elite. Here's how.

Everyone knows that evil bankers are rich white capitalists, bent upon paying themselves gigantic bonuses while the poor and the disadvantaged, disproportionately women and minorities, are losing their homes to foreclosure.

So the protestors are racists. They hate and fear white bankers.

So the protestors are sexists. They hate and fear white men.

So the protestors are classists. They hate and fear the rich.

But where did these young people pick up these ideas? Not from down-market rabble-rousers spawned in the agony of defeat in war. They get it from their government university professors. There is scarcely a university in the land that does not have its Womens Studies center, which teaches sexism. There is scarcely a university in the land that does not have its African American Studies center, which teaches racism. And every university has a labor history department that teaches class hatred.

That's the real problem in America. Our leaders and our thinkers are teaching and spewing out the most vile hate, and they are spewing it from the universities that once provided a counterweight against the power of government. And these haters are feted and honored. Paid for by the taxpayers.

That is something that is really scary.

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