Thursday, March 7, 2013

The "Mordida" of Liberal Politics

The problem of all government power is that it tends towards protecting the power and privileges of a ruling class.  Back in the old days, the ruling class of the South ran a racial privilege system to keep the blacks down.  Fast forward to today, and the ruling class of educated liberals run a class and race privilege system to keep minorities and women on the liberal plantation, particularly in corrupt states like California, New York, and Illinois.

Item: Victor David Hanson's lament about the liberal "Mordida", the "bite" you are supposed to pay for the privilege of living in California.  Who would want to live in Texas with its 110 degree summers and "fossil-fuel" air conditioning sneers Gov. Jerry Brown, (D-CA).
Translated, Brown's retort meant that despite California's sluggish economy, high taxes and poor services, it's still worth staying there to enjoy its beautiful climate -- especially along the 1,000-mile-long coast, where most of the state's elites live comfortably without a need for high-priced air conditioning.
Ah yes.  The liberal elite makes sure that it's summertime and the living is easy for educated liberals.  But what about non-liberals living in California?
But it is not such an accommodating a landscape if you are in the shrinking middle class and seeking a good-paying job in energy, construction or manufacturing; a safe daily commute on good roads; reasonable taxes; an affordable house; or a good public school.
But where is the political movement to curb the power of educated California liberals that make life a hell for others so that they can live on the balmy California coast?

Item: Section 5 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the one that requires certain southern states to get pre-approval of election practices from the US Justice Department.  It's up before the US Supreme Court right now and the Chief Justice of the United States asked the US Solicitor General about racism in the South. H/T Daniel Henninger.
Chief Justice Roberts: General, is it the government's submission that the citizens in the South are more racist than citizens in the North?

General Verrilli: It is not, and I do not know the answer to that, Your Honor. . . .

Chief Justice Roberts: Well, once you said it is not, and you don't know the answer to it?

General Verrilli: I—it's not our submission. As an objective matter, I don't know the answer to that question.
I see.  So does that mean the South still has to bow the knee to the liberals in the US Justice Department for another 50 years, or not?

I don't know about you, but in my personal experience, the most racist people I know are blacks.  And the most bigoted people I know are gays.

It's no mystery why this should be.  People know when to shut up.  Whites know that they can get into trouble with racist talk.  Ditto gay-bashing.  But liberals condone racism in their black clients and anti-straight bigotry from their gay clients.  There is nothing more delicious than spewing hate out to people that can't fight back, at least if you are a racist or a bigot.

If you go back a century, then if you are a liberal you can pat yourself on the back for helping the working stiff.  But today the low-income working stiff isn't working and the low-income woman isn't married to the father of her children, and liberals should be ashamed.

If you go back half a century, then if you are a liberal you can pat yourself on the back for helping the African American.  But today minorities and women are hardest hit by the worst economy in the last 50 years, and liberals should be ashamed.

Over the past century, Progresssives-liberals-progressives have done some good things.  They have also done some terrible things.

America's agenda for the next 50 years, whether liberals like it or not, is going to be unraveling the tangle, the "bite" of injustice resulting from a century of big-government liberalism.

The sooner we start, the less people will suffer.

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