Monday, March 25, 2013

The Future for Men

The Instawife Dr. Helen Smith asks about the silence of the men.  It's pretty obvious today that the corporate world discriminates against men.

Here's an example from James Taranto today.  Girl at Python (that's a scripting language used in Linux) conference hears two nerds making sexual jokes about big dongles and fork redos behind her.  Complains about it in a tweet.  Guys get fired.

Hey lady!  Yer think you might have spoken to the guys yourself instead of going crying to the teacher and having the little squirts sent to the principal's office?  And boasting about it on your blog?

So what are men doing about it, asks Dr. Helen?

Nothing.  Because they know that in corporate-land they will just get squashed, as "the entire weight of the organization and society come down on the uppity man for questioning a powerful woman."

But there is a solution, and it is the obvious one.  Men, real men, don't belong in big administrative organizations.  Administration is domination.  Big, relational organizations are ideal for women, who are good at managing complicated human relations.

So what do men do?  Isn't this obvious?  Women are lovers, relaters, carers, but men are fighters.

Men have to get out of the big bureaucratic organizations and do something else.  In other words, the future for men is to form startups.

Think about the Taranto-reported episode if all the participants were in a startup firm.
  1. The participants would know each other.  So the woman would probably have the balls to tell the guys to knock off the adolescent smuttiness.
  2. The participants would all be important members of the startup team.  They wouldn't be replaceable cogs in a machine.  So nobody would be getting fired just to make the problem go away.  Instead, the firm's owners would come down on all of the participants: the nerdly men for risking the success of the startup, the woman for not dealing with it on the spot and telling the guys to knock it off.
Needless to say, when you are the startup there is no Human Resources that can fire you.  There's no corporate politics, there is no manipulation of the "system."  There is just the band of brothers (and a sister or two if they can take the heat of battle) all working together trying to win the big one.

Let's get a bit of perspective on this.  Men don't belong in government schools.  They don't belong in government universities.  They don't belong in government bureaucracies.  That stuff is for girls and sissies.  And men probably don't belong in big corporations.  Big corporations are for semi-sissies.

Real men get out on their own and start something new.  That's what fighters do, and real men are fighters.

The great thing about the Internet is that even if you are not a two-fisted fighter you can make your mark.  You can create your own app or website in the basement, and if it hits the spot you can make a fortune, or at least a chunk of change, without actually having to get involved in hand-to-hand combat.  I know, because I did it.

And really, it's about time.  For decades cultural critics have been sneering at the "organization man" the "one-dimensional man" and the like.  Frankly, they have a point.  When you are walled up in a big organization you are living in a kind of plastic Disneyland; you are about as divorced from reality as a liberal reading the New York Times or listening to NPR.  We men are better than that.

Of course, real men don't indulge in sniggering smut within earshot of beautiful women.  And gentlemen don't indulge in sniggering smut within earshot of any woman.  But that is another story.

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