Monday, November 29, 2010

Diversity? What Diversity?

Everybody knows that liberals are all in favor of diversity. Except when they aren't.

For instance, in the light of the recent election, which party is the more diverse? Here's the way the Washington Post sees it.

The Republican Party's big gains in the House came largely from districts that were older, less diverse and less educated than the nation as a whole. Democrats kept their big majorities in the cities...

The Obama coalition remained intact. Democrats remained strong in areas with the party's core of minorities and higher-educated whites.

Republicans made big gains with the white working class, of course.

We've all been carefully taught to believe "diversity good," "minority votes good" by our liberal preachers, but what does it mean? It means that the Democrats do really well with people who get benefits from the government, but not so well with just about everyone else. In particular, writes Michael Franc, Republicans do really well with veterans.

How diverse is your party, honestly, if its voters are confined to the educated elite and its benefit clients in the inner city? Wouldn't it be much more broadly based if it had solid support in the great American middle class?

If you think seriously about the Democratic supporters, you have to be concerned. The black vote is up over 90 percent. That can only go one way, and that is down. And the Hispanic vote is notably driven more by economic status than by race. As Hispanics integrate into the great American middle class they start voting Republican. Obviously liberals will vote Democratic until the last government grant evaporates and the last abortion is performed, and good luck to them.

The Washington Post puts up a brave front, celebrating gains in Hispanic votes and hauling out demographer Ruy Teixeira: "Republicans do the best in areas that are typically not growing very fast and don't look like the present, or certainly the future, of the country," he says.

There's another way of saying that. People voting against the regime are people who are losing out in the Obama economy of stimulus and crony capitalism. Of course the losers are voting against the government. That's what they always do.

Politics always involves a lot of blind faith in your side, putting a shine on your party's prospects and painting a dark prospect for the other guys.

But is it really a glorious future for the Democrats if their voters are liberal experts and government beneficiaries? Surely the Democratic Party was built for better things than that.

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