Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rush as Svengali?

Liberal women are starting to regret voting for Obama, according to blogger Bookworm.

But they are afraid. They are afraid that if they start listening to Rush he will hypnotize them--just like Svangali! When she's riding in the car with a liberal friend, Bookworm suggests turning on Rush. "No, no, I don't want to do that."

So here we have a woman who realizes that she made a mistake voting Democrat this election, who is open to conservative news (I believe her when she says she watches Fox), yet who assiduously avoids any contact with Rush. Incidentally, this was not a one time-0nly conversation. I had virtually the same conversation with two other regret-filled liberals.
How about that "regret-filled liberals?"

I think there is an important lesson here for conservatives. Don't frighten the horses. These liberal women are afraid. They are afraid they have made a terrible mistake. In particular, I suggest, they are afraid they have elected a president who is going to embroil the US in conflict, and women like to avoid conflict.

Remember. First we got the security moms. It looks like Bookworm was one such. Now it is time for the... er, well what do we call them? Hope-and-change moms?

The thing to remember about women is that they need to do the right thing. That's not because they are bad but because they are good. A woman's honor is her chastity, which means being clean and good, and doing right by the other women in her community of women.

Obama seduced these women by promising a world of sweetness and light. But he is delivering a world of conflict and Chicago Rules bullying. Women hate this sort of thing.

And even worse, Obama is threatening the well-being of the mothers and the children of women in America.

Stepping back to the larger picture, the reason that politics has become all about being "nice" is women. Back in the old days when only men voted, politics could afford to be bare-knuckled, with fighting firemen the backbone of the old Tammany Hall machine in New York City. Men love that, but women hate it, and women have the vote.

Also, women are more suggestible. So politics is now all nicey-nicey.

Except that Obama politics is not nicey-nicey, but bare-knuckle, f-word, Rahm Emanuel street fighting.

No wonder the Democrats are trying to smear the Tea Party movement as violent and racist. So far, the Tea Party has been remarkably hospitable for women. It has been friendly and full of laughter, and many of its headline figures are women. But if women can be encouraged to believe that the Tea Party is violent and nasty, why then they will be afraid to get involved.

Just like they are afraid to listen to Rush.

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