Friday, April 23, 2010

Obama a Socialist? Whatever.

Celebrated author Jonah Goldberg has a think piece in Commentary. "What Kind of a Socialist is Barack Obama?" he asks.

After a lot of thinking he decides that "neosocialist" is as good as anything. But what's wrong with "liberal fascist," Jonah, after the title of your bestselling Liberal Fascism?

But I think Jonah is trying to be too clever. Barack Obama is just the latest in a long line of political leaders that want to use political power to make society conform to their enlightened ideas.

People that go into politics are people who like to wield power. The purpose of law and constitutions is to limit that power. Because, in their own minds, there is no limit to the power they should seek and use--for the betterment of mankind, of course.

It used to be, in the agricultural era, that an elite of landed warriors ran the place. Their idea was to increase the amount of land they controlled, since land was the only source of wealth. War was what they knew, and war was what they did: war on each other and war on the peasants that grew the food that made them wealthy.

Now we have the "educated class" and they want things their way too. The only way they seem to know is through government power.

It will, of course, end in tears, or more likely mass graves. Because there is a limit to what force can achieve. After you have fought off the Huns or the Mongols and after you have tamed the latest generation of lower-class male youth, there's not much that government can usefully do.

The thing about government, all government, is that is goes bad fast. Because it is a system of winning election and rewarding your supporters, it is inherently corrupt.

So it doesn't matter how many left-liberal commentators you have singing your praises, your government-centric economy is inherently corrupt, inherently wasteful, inherently unjust.

You can see it in spades with the Obama administration. Everything President Obama has done has reeked of corruption, waste, and injustice. It started with the $787 billion stimulus that was nothing but a slush fund for Obama supporters. It continued with the GM and Chrysler bailouts in which the bondholders got shafted in favor of the unions that supported Obama's campaign. It reached an apogee with the corrupt bargain of the corrupt, wasteful, and unjust ObamaCare bill.

Now the Obama administration is pushing a financial reform bill that will vastly increase political (not regulatory) control over the finance industry.

I've said now for years that we needed Obama. We needed him so that the American people could decisively upchuck him and his style of big government politics.

Then we begin the noble task of getting government and government force out of the vital social tasks before this nation. We need to get government force out of health care, out of education, out of welfare, and out of retirement.

There is a simple reason why this is important.

It is because, as philosopher Ringo Starr says, "Everything the government touches turns to crap."

It's just not a good idea to have the education of children turn to crap. It's not a good idea to have grandma's health care turn to crap. It is not a good idea to have the relief of the poor turn to crap.

But I repeat myself.

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