Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Voters to Obama: Stuff It.

The voters have issued their first bulletin on Obama's America, and their verdict is unequivocal. You can stuff it. You can put it where the sun don't shine.

The blowout governor's race in Virginia where Bob McDonnell beat Creigh Deeds by 58% to 41% was a shocker. Only three years ago Democrat Jim Webb swept into the US Senate and it looked like the Old Dominion was settling into the D column. But that was 2006, when everyone and his brother was teeing off at President Bush. They were shocked, shocked at the laughably mild corruption and overspending of the Congressional Republicans. This is 2009. Now we know what corruption means. Now we know what overspending means. Put a D on it.

Even the terminally corrupt blue state of New Jersey decided it had had enough, and voted in a Republican governor. Chris Christie won by four points, 48% to 44% over Democratic Goldman Sachs jillionaire Jon Corzine. New Jersey is a poster boy for out-of-control government. It's not that the government is corrupt. It's not that government workers now earn 50 percent more than people in the private sector. It is more basic than that. What's the point of all that spending, just sluicing into the gutter: failing to educate the poor, smashing the low-income family to smithereens, encouraging people to look to handouts from political patrons rather than their own efforts? No really. What is the point?

The only dud in the Republican firework show was NY-23 where the Democrat Bill Owens beat the Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman by three points. But let's look on the bright side. The race has sent a message: The GOP party bosses can't ignore the base; it deserves to have a least a reasonable facsimile of a conservative candidate in the R column. And conservative Republicans can't afford to get into a cat fight with Republican moderates. Otherwise the Democrat will win. We're in this together, folks.

The exit polls are daunting, if you are a Democrat. Here's the scoop from ABC News:

  • "A vast 89 percent in New Jersey and 85 percent in Virginia said they were worried about the direction of the nation's economy in the next year"
  • "In Virginia on Tuesday, voters who were "very" worried about the economy concern supported the Republican winner, Bob McDonnell by a wide margin, 77-23 percent. In New Jersey, [very worried voters] backed the Republican Chris Christie by 61-34 percent[.]"

Back in the good old days of FDR and the New Deal, that could never have happened. Back in those days FDR and his Brains Trust were focused like a laser on connecting their policies with helping the working man.

Yes, I know that the New Deal didn't help the working man, but the working man thought that FDR and the Democrats were fighting for him against "them."

Obama and the Obama Democrats have lost the plot on this. Their "stimulus" bill was a goodie bag for Democrats and governments, not a jobs program for the American people.

And the Democratic health reform proposal has recently been described as "111 new bureaucracies" by Congressional Republicans. No Fair! the Democrats have responded:

A Democratic source dismissed the list of "bureaucracies" as an exaggeration, calling them "demonstration projects" instead.

Yes, and we know what "demonstration projects" usually turn into: Huge mega-bureaucracies that can never be reduced, controlled, or eliminated. Not until Attila the Hun rides over the horizon.

Don't worry, folks. The Democrats still don't get it.

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