Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ft. Hood and Reality

There's a huge chasm between what is and what we want to be, Call it the Reality Canyon.

But in our personal lives we must constantly adjust our lives to deal with the reality of reality. We can't dream our lives away pining for what life ought to be. We can look across Reality Canyon and dream of what we yearn for. But we know we must live in the Land of "Is." We must live life as it is.

It is in politics and religion that we get to build Bridges to Nowhere. Why? Because we can. In religion we can imagine a hereafter of eternal peace and love. In politics we can try to create that heaven on earth.

So politics is a process of building castles in the air and then cleaning up the mess afterwards.

The reaction to the Ft. Hood shooting is a prime example. Our liberal friends are terrified of the American people. They are convinced that, without the intervention of wise liberals, American would put on white sheets and proceed to annihilate the "Other," meaning blacks, gays, and any traditionally marginalized group.

Ever since 9-11 liberals have been terrified that Americans would burst out and victimize Muslims in a new eruption of the Ku Klux Klan or right-wing militias.

That's why nothing was done about Maj. Nidal Hasan, Army psychiatrists and presumed Ft. Hood mass murderer. That's why we've had a week of the mainstram media muddling on about post-traumatic stress syndrome, and why the president has said that it is inevitable that someone, somewhere will "crack."

But truth has a way of shouldering its way to the front, in the end. It seems pretty clear that Maj. Hasan was a "jihadist." He was angry about US policy in the Middle East and admired the tactics of jihadi terrorists. He talked about terrorism; he interacted with terrorist sympathizing imams.

The government did nothing. We can easily speculate why. Anyone bringing an accusation against Maj. Hasan would find himself pushing against the huge weight of the liberal diversity culture. His report would be sidelined. He might even be sanctioned for insensitivity, or sent for diversity training. He might even get a bad performance review.

So who would step out of line to finger Maj. Hasan? Nobody.

People are once again raising the meme of 9-11. They are asking why the government didn't "connect the dots."

The answer today is the same as it was 8 years ago. People in government didn't connect the dots because they knew it would hurt their careers.

You could say: liberals lied; people died. And you'd be right.

Eventually, the liberal Bridge to Nowhere across Reality Canyon will collapse from the overwhelming weight of contradictions and hypocrisies.

Meanwhile, America suffers under the corrupt, cruel, unjust, wasteful, and deluded rule of its unaccountable liberal elite.

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