Tuesday, December 24, 2013

This Christmas, Let's Reach Out to Liberals

In this time of good cheer, spare a thought for your liberal friend.

This is not a good time to be a liberal.

No, I am not talking about the fact that it looks like the bullies from GLAAD accidentally ran into a Louisiana buzz-saw.  I am talking about the implosion of the liberal idea.

The Obamacare meltdown is the immediate cause of liberal misery, but that is just the proximate cause.  Crowding up behind the pathetic and serial failures of the Obamacare rollout is the fact that the Obama experience brings into question, at long last, the whole liberal project.

If liberals can't build a website, what's the point?

If liberals can't create a big-government program with at least the pretense of competence and coherence, what's the point?

If liberals can't restore the economy to prosperity, what's the point?

If liberals can't predict the climate, what's the point?

If liberals are just another proud, overbearing, unjust, incompetent ruling class -- like all the ruling classes that came before them -- what's the point of them?

Every ruling class relies to a greater extent than we appreciate on the favor of the gods, the Mandate of Heaven: good harvests, good health, good times, good prospects.

And Barack Obama came in with such promise.  Why Barbara Walters reckoned that "we" all thought Obama was the Messiah.

(I know, that stupidity tells us more about Walters than about Obama).

If we conservatives were liberals we would redouble the efforts of GLAAD, of PETA, of HRC, of the race-baiters, of the academic PC crowd and the George Soros think tanks and we would rout the liberal army and scatter it to the four winds and salt their fields and ban their secular churches and on and on.

But we are conservatives.  And so, this Christmastide, let us each think of a liberal friend and reach out with a compassionate arm.

Let us tell our liberal friends that we feel their pain, and we want to help.  Of course, we'll say, things can't go on as before, with liberals spending the national credit card like there was no tomorrow.

But let it be said that conservatives will stand ready with a friendly word and a helping hand as our liberal friends go through the dark night of the soul in the months and years ahead.

Not because of them, but because of who we are, this Christmastide.

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