Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What "Emerging Democratic Majority?"

Ever since 2004 the Democrats have been assuring us that we are on the cusp of The Emerging Democratic Majority.  Yeah, there's a book by John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeira.

Obviously, a chap like me cannot believe such a thing because if I did, what would be the point of being a conservative?

The basic idea is that minorities, women, and educated young people are all trending Democratic, so look out ageing white men.

But there's just one thing, as TV detective Columbo used to say.

If the whole world is trending Democratic why does the president have to flog the black community into the Democratic column with racist incidents like the beer summit and the Trayvon Martin case?

If women are trending Democratic why do Democrats have to terrify women into believing that Republicans want to take their contraception away?

And if students are trending Democratic why is it necessary to make a big deal about student loans?

Shouldn't it just be obvious that the liberal way is the right way?

If you look at what Democrats do instead of what they say, you'd think that Democrats are scared to death of getting into a permanent minority, so they figure they have to flog every potential advantage from race identity to voter registration.

Which means that they are not in the catbird seat as they pretend.

In fact, of course, President Obama won reelection by only four points.  In fact, the US House of Representatives has a Republican majority.  In fact, state legislatures and governors have been trending Republican for years.

The reason that young 'uns and blacks and women have been trending Democratic is because only Democrats have their ear.  If you're a black then racial solidarity requires to you identify as Democrat.  If you are a single woman, practical considerations require you to rely on the government safety net rather than the spousal safety net.  If you are an educated youth then you've been listening to unionized teachers since kindergarten.  How you you think that unionized teachers with government pensions and tenure are going to vote?

Under the Obama administration these good folks are going to find out that Democratic governance does not improve their lives.  They are going to find out that politicians and their cronies are always and everywhere corrupt unless you tirelessly expose their shenanigans.  They are going to find out that politicians don't have a clue about the economy or education or health care or anything else.

That's because politics is good for only one thing: riling people up for a war.  You can learn that the easy way by reading a few books, or you can learn it the hard way in the aftermath of the inevitable political failures.

Bottom line: look for a reversal on that glorious Democratic majority in the next few years.

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