Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Democrats Running on Empty

Ever since 2000 and the permanent campaign Democrats have represented themselves as Major Bagstock, the pompous friend of the pompous Paul Dombey in Dickens' Dombey and Son.  Rough, tough, and devilish sly.  That's what the gallant major would say about himself.

And indeed, he was a bit of a bully.  But it was all an act.  When it came down to it, Major Bagstock was a windbag, just as his name suggested.

That's why I think that all the rough, tough talk by Democrats these days is mere windbaggery.  The Democrats are in a world of hurt, and they are working desperately to keep their supporters from seeing the truth.

We all know why.  It's the economy, stupid.  And the unemployment and the explosion in disability claims.  And the economic and moral and social collapse of the dependency classes.

We know now that the Obama strategy, if he had one, was to do as much as possible on the progressive agenda. Period.  The economy?  Just do the regular Keynesian policies?  Defense?  Just go through the motions.  What Obamis care about is comprehensive health care.  And saving the planet with green energy.  And liberal social issues.  And rewarding supporters.

Trouble is that all the liberal economic agenda items end up wrecking the economy.  And the liberal social issues, from abortion to gay marriage, end up wrecking society.

As America goes down the toilet liberals have to ratchet up the rhetoric to keep their base home.

But what actually happens at this stage of the political cycle is that the base starts to get demoralized. All politics is a kind of ersatz religion.  It promises heaven on earth with its redemptive leader.  But after a while it becomes clear that the leader is a windbag and that nothing is going to change.

Meanwhile the people in the middle start to complain about the jobs that haven't appeared, the house that is still underwater, the school that still doesn't work, the health care that is still getting more expensive.

Right now the experts are predicting that the US Senate is up for grabs in 2014.  Really?  So soon?  I wonder what the experts will be saying a year from now in the summer of 2014, after yet another year under Obama, another year of scandals, and ordinary work-a-day corruption?

This morning the screenwriter Roger L. Simon has a piece where he confesses that he is a racist.
Worse than that, I profile.

When I see a black gangbanger walking down the sidewalk toward me at night, sometimes I cross to the other side. Even if he’s not wearing a hoodie.

Ditto for skanky white guys in ponytails who look like meth heads, bandana-clad Mexicans who might be members of the Zetas, and Asian guys with ominous Fu Manchus, black belts, and ninja pajamas.

Yes, I profile. In that way, at least, I am sort of like the Reverend Jesse Jackson.
Middle-class Americans have always given the latest immigrant criminal underclass a wide berth, going back to the Irish in 1850 Boston and New York.

Only now you're not allowed to admit it.  Because?  Because without the 95 percent support from the black community the Democratic Party would be toast.

Like I day, the whole Democratic, liberal, progressive project is running on empty.  One day we will wake up and discover that those fearsome bullies defending the ramparts of liberalism are in fact dressed-up dummies, and that the liberals have left town with what's left of the nation's wealth.

That day is closer that you think.

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