Friday, May 17, 2013

Obama. A Gift from the Gods

In a thumb-sucker about the managerial shortcomings of the Obama White House, John Fund surfaces the worries of Democrats, that "chaotic implementation" of Obamacare could "could become the biggest political liability Democrats will face in next year’s midterm elections."

Don't set your sights too high, Mr. Fund.  How about: the train wreck of Obamacare implementation could result in the biggest electoral meltdown since the Republican Party nearly destructed in the Great Depression.

Because the meltdown of Obamacare is going to be personal to the millions of women who want to keep their healthcare arrangements and who spend half their lives discussing their healthcare experiences and procedures with their friends.  That's why President Obama told Americans again and again that if they liked their health insurance they could keep it.

But now there's a good chance that not only will people not be able to keep their health insurance but everything about health care will be thrown into a maelstrom.

It's been telling this week that Obama campaign guru David Axelrod has been on TV saying that the government is just too big for one man to supervise.  The HotAir guys were right on it.
What’s significant about Axelrod’s defense of O is that he’s pointing to the size of government as a structural reason for why scandal might proliferate, which is downright Reaganesque as a critique of the federal leviathan. The bigger the government gets, the less accountability there’ll be. That’s conservatism 101.
The problem for conservatives is that, most of the time, the administrative welfare state sorta kinda rubs along.  Sure the dollar has been reduced to $0.02 in a century by the repeated need to get the government out of a jam.  But people still get their Social Security checks.

But suppose that the complete centralization and bureaucratization of health care leads to a meltdown?

Imagine that Mitt Romney had won the presidential election and the Democrats had kept the Senate.  Then any problems with Obamacare implementation would be cried down by the mainstream media and Democratic lawmakers as all the fault of Romney, who didn't care who dies, as in Joe Soptic's wife.  One-term president anyone?

Look, the American people had a choice in 2012.  They could go with the man that had spent his entire life fixing dysfunctional organizations or they could go with the president who was not Mitt Romney.  Anyone who knows anything can see that a turnaround is needed and that the administrative welfare state is heading for the rapids.

But the American people said No.  We ain't ready for strong medicine, not yet, they said.

OK, fellas.  If you don't want to respond to the writing on the wall, how about getting slapped upside the head.  That is what the meltdown of Obamacare will mean, and it has the potential for a sea-change in US politics.

In that scenario the current scandals -- Benghazi, the IRS, and the AP wiretaps -- are just icing on the cake, warmup bouts for the Main Event.

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