Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two Stand-up White Guys

Right there in the center of the liberal narrative is the idea that you can't trust regular white guys--you know, the ones that obeyed the law, went to work, followed the rules, and all that stuff.  It is time for regular white guys to stand aside, finally, and give way to a diverse America that has made room for the traditionally marginalized, women and minorities, and all that.  That's the liberal narrative.

Behind the idea is the notion that regular white guys have benefited unfairly from America's white-bread, Protestant, patriarchal, western European culture, and it has a point.  But liberals never asked what kind of America is left when you toss the regular white guys and their ideas out onto the ash-heap of history.

Well, now we are finding out, because although liberals talk the talk of diversity, when it comes to walking the walk they always trot out liberal white guys instead of regular white guys.

And I include President Obama in that category.  There is nothing in President Obama except white-bread western liberalism.  There is no "authentic" African American in him.  He is just a hot-house flower from liberal finishing school.  His anti-colonial philosophy is not an idea that came out of West Africa but out of European intellectual salons.

But the thing about regular white guys is that they have this inchoate sense of doing the right thing.  Call it noblesse oblige or the code of the gentleman, if you like.  Liberals don't have that sense; they already know they are doing the right thing before even thinking about it.  The liberal white guys that go into politics are people that believe in political power, their political power.  Think Carter, Clinton, Obama.  And of course, Obama is the worst.  His administration has committed abuses of power that, in a Republican administration, would have prompted the mainstream media to cry out to the heavens for justice.  The ends justify the means, right bro'?

Now come Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  Regular white guys.  They have always done the right thing, and always acted as if they must be seen to be doing the right thing as well as actually do it.

Of course, the irony about Romney and Ryan is that they are not quite regular white guys in the sense we all think of it: of coming from solid WASP Bushy northeastern stock.  They are oddballs; they are strivers, and they are "minority" candidates from traditionally marginalized groups.   Romney is a Mormon, and Mormons have had their travails in the wilderness, and even now your average liberal girl will wonder whether it is "ethical" for her to be in Utah.  Ryan is an Irish Catholic.  A century ago and more, in the days of "No Irish Need Apply," the Irish Catholics were definitely on the margins.

But the whole point of Romney and Ryan is that they are solid doers and achievers.  You expect them to tell you what they plan to do and then you expect them to execute on their commitments.  Who, really, ever expects President Obama to execute?  And what about Bill Clinton?  The point about Clinton was that you never knew what the guy would get up to.

The beauty of the 2012 First Debate was that it so clearly demonstrated the difference between a regular white guy and a liberal white guy.  Regular white guys really have to work to earn the trust of the American people.  Liberal white guys are different.  They have the mainstream media to do the heavy lifting for them.

It's great to have the liberal mainstream media do your heavy lifting for you.  Until the moment that you have to lift a heavy wooden beam on your own.

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