Monday, July 23, 2012

Liberals and Fracking

I was out to dinner with liberal friends last night and got roundly spanked for blogging about blacks that think "we're owed."  I don't know anyone that thinks that, said my black acquaintance.

That's comical, really.  Because the whole point of liberal politics is the idea of "We're Owed" writ large.  That's why we talk about "entitlement" programs.  I'm entitled; we're owed!

But the big takeaway was fracking.  The word has gone out, presumably through the documentary "Gastown," and liberals are all convinced that fracking, the technique of fracturing oil and gas-bearing rock in the neighborhood of a drill hole using water, sand, and a bit of detergent, will contaminate the drinking water supply and end the world as we know it.

Our liberal friends are passionate about this, almost as passionate as they are about "marriage equality," or really, gay marriage.

What is interesting to me, as an engineer that spent 30 years in energy and environmental consulting, is how cocksure professional musicians and professional photographers can be about these technical issues.  It didn't occur to me at the time to make the argument from authority, but I shoulda. You know what?  When it comes to music I absolutely defer to your knowledge and experience.  So how about the environment and the energy biz?  I spent 30 years, man and boy, working on sewers and energy resource questions.  I know a thing or two about cleaning up the environment and about the financial feasibility of intermittent resources like wind turbines.

But really, it's not about the science.  It's about the religion.  It's about the end of the world and original sin and finding redemption from the sins of the world.  It's about "immanentizing the eschaton."  When you don't believe in God any more then you tend to want to create Heaven on earth and not wait for salvation in the next world.

Yes, and those liberals all believe that the oil companies get gigantic subsidies, and make profits in the hundreds of billions of dollars.  Let's check Exxon Mobil.  Market cap. is about $400 billion and the P/E ratio is about 10.  So that means net profits are $40 billion a year.  Gross revenue is about $440 billion per year.  Big, you'll say.  But not obscene.  Apple makes about the same profit on one third of the revenue.

Our liberal friends.  What are we to do with them?  I guess the most sensible thing would be to beat Obama like a drum 55% to 45% in November, take over the Senate, repeal Obamacare, cut spending, reform entitlements, cut tax rates while cutting deductions and loopholes and drill, drill drill.

Liberals got the wrong idea when Obama won in 2008.  They thought it was game, set, and match.

But there is a reason why liberals had to rebrand themselves as "progressives."  Americans really don't like liberals.  They are America's ruling class and they are annoyingly bossy.  A nice win for the Gipper would really quiet our liberal friends up for a decade, and let the rest of us get on with building families, expanding the economy, and repairing the national balance sheet.

Then, a decade or two from now, it will be time for a new generation of liberals, a generation that "knew not Obama" and the really dumb strategic mistakes he made.

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