Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No It's Not the Internet, Peggy

As a baby-boomer male, I guess that I know less than nothing about the world of today's battle of the sexes.  But I take a flaccid note of the voices of the young and strong.

Here is "Christian libertarian" Vox Day taking out after Peggy Noonan for suggesting that today's War on Women issues from the baleful influence of the Internet.

Oh no it doesn't, writes Vox.  It issues from the profound injustice visited upon young men these days.  It started for him the day that a girl started a fight with him on the playground and he got into trouble. "[G]irls were just as good as boys, but we must never, ever hit them back even when they physically attacked us."
It is neither the Internet nor the anonymous commentary it provides that has brought about the ongoing revolution of the male perspective concerning what once used to be known as "the fair sex." It is, rather, the result of the first generation steeped in feminist propaganda from kindergarten to college graduation reaching an age where their voices are finally being heard. And the voice of the male half of Generation X and those generations following it is a contemptuous one indeed, because many of these men, including some of the most articulate, understand how utterly they were lied to by every authority figure they ever knew concerning the opposite sex.
Here's how:
  • In high school Gen X was told that girls wanted "nice guys" but found that they preferred "socially dominant and the athletic".
  • In college Gen X was told that girls were just as interested in sex as boys were.  Only it turned out that sex was rape for any reason--or for no reason.
  • "When we entered the workforce, we were told that women only wanted equal pay for equal work, then watched as they called in sick more often than we did, came in later and went home earlier than we did, asked us for help in doing their jobs, then were handed promotions and raises by virtue of their affairs with the middle managers and executives."
  • And woe betide anyone that committed the sin of expressing interest in a woman while "insufficiently attractive".
So Vox Day's generation has rejected the pretty lies they were taught.  Through better experience they have won through to a new social horizon.
What Peggy Noonan does not realize is that whereas men once assumed that a woman was a lady until proven otherwise, increasing numbers of them assume women are shallow and superficial until they are provided with credible evidence to the contrary.
And as the "game" theoretician Heartiste insists, there is no darker hell than the world of the "beta male".  Here he suggests to Charles Murray that rather than shame men into shaping up he should try shaming women instead.

One thinks of Stein's Law.  "If something cannot go on forever, it will stop,"

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