Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dems Ditch Catholics and Blue Collars

Is President Obama serious?  In the last month he has dissed the old Democratic base, the blue-collar workers of the construction industry.  That's the meaning of the decision to postpone the Keystone XL pipeline.

Government is choosing, and when President Obama had to choose between environmentalists and blue-collar workers he chose the environmentalists.

Just when conservatives had finished marveling at this turn away from the iconic center of the New Deal coalition, the working stiff, the Obamis pulled a second shocker.  It was the decision to force the Catholic Church to include contraception and abortifaciants in any health insurance offered to employees of Catholic institutions.

Government is choosing, and when President Obama had to choose between Catholics and his secularist, pro-abortion base, he chose the secularists.

So the Obamis think they can win reelection without the working stiffs and without the Catholics?  That means that they believe they can win with the educated elite and the welfare state beneficiaries.  Maybe they are right.  We'll see in November.

But really, this has been coming on for a generation.  The fact is that the Democratic Party is no longer the party of the working class.  It is the party of upper class liberals, the trustafarians, the educators, the government managers, the environmentalists, and it is the party of the lifetime government employee and the government benefit recipients.  Given this, the effort to keep the ordinary private-sector working stiff inside the party becomes too much of a stretch.  And given that the Democratic Party has become more and more the secularist party, the party opposed to transcendental religion, the effort to keep the Catholics inside the party has also become too much of an effort.

And really, it's about time.  It's about time that all private sector workers recognize that the Democrats just don't care about people like them.  And it's about time that American Catholics recognize that the Democrats just don't like any Christians.

Used to be that the Republican Party was the Protestant party and the Democrats the Catholic party.  No longer.  Now the Republican Party is the religious party and the Democrats the secularist party.

And here is news for you working stiffs and Catholics who have just been excommunicated from the Democratic Party.  Despite what you have heard, conservatives and Republicans are really nice guys and gals, and will welcome you into our tents.   You will find that conservatives and Republicans will listen to your ideas and start to accommodate your needs.  And you will find that you will start to move towards conservative and Republican ideas.

All in all, it could be the beginning of something great, for workers, for Catholics, and for America.

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