Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yearning for a True Conservative

I know.  All the Republican candidates are disappointing.  The serial Great Conservative Hopes have each turned out to have feet of clay, and Mitt Romney isn't anyone's idea of a conservative standard bearer.  Anyway, Mitt doesn't seem to have the cojones to go head to head with President Obama and the Chicago gang.

If we are looking for real conservatism, I don't take second place to anyone.  In my conservative vision, we chuck every social program in the can, from Medicare to welfare, because we humans are social animals, not soldier ants.  We can be trusted to do the social thing, most of the time.  But what really makes us into monsters is a check from the government.

The point to remember is that after Obama, we will need a president with the talent to get things done.  We know what needs to be done.  We need a reform of Medicare; we need a tax reform to reduce loopholes and reduce tax rates.  We need a sensible energy policy, and we need to roll back the environmental extremism of the Obamis.  We need to shake up the education system, and we need to defund the "grant" economy, the slush funds that keeps liberals in their Priuses and  their yeasty urban enclaves.

In other words, we need as president a man with the management skills to implement on a big program.  Looking around, you'd say that it wouldn't hurt if this guy had enough work ethic to do a business degree and a law degree at the same time.  He would have experience in the business sector, knowing when to save an ailing company and when to sell it.  Maybe he should have run a high-profile public project.  Of course he should have been the governor of a state.

Sounds a lot like Mitt Romney.

In the best of all possible worlds we would have  another Ronald Reagan and all of America would rise up and elect him by acclamation.  In the real world the real Ronald Reagan was always, even to Republicans, a rather questionable character.  Was he the real thing, or a lightweight movie actor, like the liberals insisted?  And what about the payroll tax increases of 1983?

It is only now, in the miseries of Obamadom, that the Reagan years seem like a Golden Age when giants walked the earth.

The political and economic situation in the United States is not that dire.  The problem is that every solution will require that Democrats take a hit.  Of course they will.  Just about every government program in existence is a slush fund for Democratic voters, from government universities to government welfare.

Think of it from the therapeutic point of view preferred by our liberal friends.  Democrats are substance abusers, addicted to enormous quantities of taxpayers' money.  They won't be willing to get straight until they hit bottom.  And pusher Obama certainly won't be the man to tell them that their addiction is ruining their lives.

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