Tuesday, October 4, 2011

FoxNews in 2012

It all began in 1964, according to Jeffrey Lord, when the news media took out after Barry Goldwater, calling him the "rallying point for white resistance" to desegregation.  Barry Goldwater?
The man who, during his tenure on the Phoenix City Council and in the Arizona National Guard, helped desegregate all Phoenix schools, restaurants, and the state's National Guard itself?
At the 1964 Republican National Convention in San Francisco, former President Eisenhower couldn't take it any more.  He said this to the delegates about the three liberal networks.
The delegates, he said, should "particularly scorn the divisive efforts of those outside our family, including sensation seeking columnists and commentators, because… these are people who couldn't care less about the good of our party."
The Republican delegates reacted instantaneously.
Delegates shot to their feet, shouting furiously, their applause thunderous. Many jumped up on their chairs in decidedly un-choreographed and quite spontaneous rage turning to face their media antagonists, literally shaking their fists at what Goldwater biographer Lee Edwards would describe as "startled anchormen in the glassed-in television booths high above the convention floor."
But it took 32 years before America had its first conservative TV news network.  Rupert Murdoch opened the Fox News Network in 1996 and put Republican operative Roger Ailes in charge.  Today Fox News earns a little less than one billion a year, and it defines TV news.  Now our liberal friends know what it is like to watch political stuff on TV that trashes everything you believe in.  Everyone should have that experience.  It builds character.

Probably 2008 was the last hurrah of the liberal media, as they jumped in the tank for Obama and, by hiding all the questionable stuff about him, were responsible for electing perhaps the worst president in living memory.  Here's a item that illustrates the point.  President Obama is not a man that likes to get on the phone with Democratic Senate leaders.

But in 2012 the American people will be desperate to consume political news that tells them how to get out of the horror of Obamanomics, ObamaCare, Obama's truckling to the labor unions, Obama's horrible left-wing racism and classism.  Now, with a seasoned Fox News, a teenager at 15, they have a place to go to get the news they want.

That, as they say, is progress.

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