Monday, August 8, 2011

And Now Black Race Riots

In the aftermath of the civil rights revolution in the 1960s America had a choice. It could abandon race politics forever, or it could reformulate it along new lines. It turned out that our liberal friends couldn't resist the temptation of making race work for them, aping the way that Southern whites had made race work for them in the century of Jim Crow.

But just as Jim Crow politics turned the South into a mean and nasty place, a brutal white hegemony, so liberal race politics has turned liberals into monsters.

And it has created a monster too, the widespread black racism that has now metastasized into flash mobs of black youth, organized on Facebook and Twitter, that are disturbingly preying on peaceful whites.

It's easy for conservatives to say "I told you so." It is obvious that, in a modern, commercial, multiracial society no group can be allowed special license to act out its racist fantasies. But liberals have been condoning, and even whipping up, frank racism in the black community for half a century.

Now here we are, in the middle of a nasty great recession, in which young people, as usual, are hardest hit, and young undereducated, undersocialized, underemployed blacks are rioting. This is not like the urban riots of the 1960s in which blacks mostly burned down their own neighborhoods. This is frank race rioting, with black gangs seeking out whites to brutalize.

So now what do we do? We have a large underclass, harvest of 50 years of government subsidies for idleness; we have a catastrophic decline in black wealth, courtesy of the sub-prime mortgage lending of the last 20 years. We have an undereducated youth, courtesy of a century of government education. And we have a sluggish recovery, courtesy of the exploded Keynesian notion that more government spending and cheap money is the way to jump-start an economy. And don't mention the black cloud of ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, and the S&P downgrade.

Yeah, Mr. President. Why don't you Do Something about all this?

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