Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CBS! The Science is Decided On Price Controls!

One thing you can say about the mainstream media. They are quick to whale on anyone that dares to deny the truth of global warming. The science is decided, they like to tell us, and they are delighted to echo the activists that insist that anyone that disagrees is a "denier."

OK, but what about price controls? Here we have CBS reporterette Nancy Cordes interviewing Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

Q: But is there no way to save it [Medicare] without moving to a system of premium support?

RYAN: Yes there is, and it’s what the president’s proposing which is to ration Medicare. We do not want — we do not believe in the idea of having a board of unelected people putting price controls and rationing on Medicare.

Q: But don’t you ration it anyway?

Honey. The science is in on this. Rationing with price controls doesn't work. Never has worked. Never will work. When you propose with such a question that government rationing is a realistic option you are helping the deniers, the people that think you can ignore the science developed in the last two centuries about the operation of the economy.

CBS would never think of boosting the deniers when it came to climate science, a scientific endeavor that we now know is something less than a science. So why does CBS not apply the same test to economics deniers?

Well, we know why. CBS allows respectability to the economics deniers because it helps Democrats. Most everything that Democrats propose flies in the face of everything we know in the human sciences. But their faith, in the face of the science and the facts, is that government is the answer: government force, government rationing, government subsidies, government price controls.

So it's a religious thing. CBS and the Democrats worship at the same church and so, for CBS, the economics deniers are good guys.

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