Thursday, October 14, 2010


What this country needs is a good website about midterm elections.

Many people have instinctively wanted this, especially since this year we are going into perhaps the most momentous midterm elections in our lifetime.

Through the wisdom of the founders we have had midterm elections regularly every year from 1790 through 2006.

And now we are about to have another one. Wanna take a look? Just click on Here's a look at the most recent midterms for the US House of Representatives:

This year, Republican partisans are looking for a very good Republican year. Here are the best Republican House gainers:

But what about really bad Democratic years (it's not quite the same thing):

Go ahead. Click here and have some fun, er, serious historical research. Click the column headings to change the order of elections. You'll find that alongside each election is a link on the major issue moving the election. If you want, you can look at the Senate results.

As soon as the result are in in November 2010 we'll update the numbers, of course.

I wonder what the big issue is going to be this year?

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