Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Palin the Kingmaker

Several of the GOP candidates that won yesterday are, as our MSM friends like to say in their objective reports, outside the mainstream. In the next paragraph, they typically quote some Democratic honcho; he'll say that Democrats look forward to running against him.

Sharron Angle in Nevada is one such candidate. And it looks like Rick Scott (R), the self-financed businessman running for governor in Florida is another. Maybe Joe Miller, who seems to have defeated Lisa Murokowski, is another.

The MSM is right, of course. In the past conservative candidates that didn't mouth the correct pieties to liberal Articles of Faith got clobbered.

One day, of course, that's going to change. Because that's the way the world works. One day some chap will come along and desecrate a holy shrine. People will hold up their hands in horror. They will look up to the heavens expecting the wrath of the gods--and nothing will happen.

Is 2010 that year? Nobody knows. Not yet.

But we do know that Sarah Palin is a political force. All the people that wrote her off as a light-weight and as a bumbling fool are wrong. Sarah Palin is a remarkable political talent, and she has been a professional politician since the mid-1990s. She seems to have a political "golden gut," an instinct for the right word, the right gesture, that President Obama would probably love to borrow, if only he could.

Sarah Palin is making herself into a political kingmaker. She travels around the country sprinkling selected candidates with her pixie dust--and they keep coming out of nowhere to win elections.

Are you chaps ready to take her seriously yet?

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