Friday, July 16, 2010

Worst Administration in History

You can always tell a liberal. You just can't tell her anything.

With the stock market in retreat this morning and the headlines full of a weak recovery, the Obama administration is trying to sell Americans on the idea it is pro-business.

Oh yeah? You mean the administration that passed the biggest government takeover in history, ObamaCare? The government that passed the biggest subsidy of government jobs in history, the stimulus bill? The government that passed the most opaque financial reform bill in history, Dodd-Frank, that creates 243 new rule-making processes at ten federal agencies?

You mean that administration?

None of this had to happen. It wouldn't have happened if the Obamis at the White House and the Reid-Pelosi machine politicians and the policy professionals had stepped back and fashioned the Obama agenda around a bipartisan formula.

If they had listened to the Other America, the 80 percent of America that is not liberal.

It wouldn't have happened if President Obama had governed according to the mandate he got from the American people, which was to form a moderate, post-partisan, post-racial administration and mend the broken, corrupt game in Washington, DC.

But he didn't, and now he must reap the whirlwind.

What a pity that the liberal mainstream media didn't do its job. What a pity that the administration got blindsided because it got so much toadying coverage from the elite media.

How did we get here? We got here because liberals never listen. Business is corrupt, they say. Wall Street is greedy. Conservative think tanks are bought and paid for by Big Oil. The American people are racist.

It's a closed system. Everything can be explained. Everything is the fault of the other guy.

Well, we are about to witness the biggest political meltdown in our life-times. I am calling for an 80 seat shift in the House of Representatives. Not because I think that we'll actually see such a move--I'd say 60 seats is more realistic--but because I think we need to set a challenging goal.

We need to give liberals a gigantic blow upside the head. For their own good, you know.

Pat Buchanan hauls out a quote from Eric Hoffer today.

Every great movement begins as a cause, eventually becomes a business, then degenerates into a racket.

Actually, he's wrong. According to Wikiquote, the real quote is:

Up to now, America has not been a good milieu for the rise of a mass movement. What starts out here as a mass movement ends up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation.

You can say that again.

Actually, it's obvious. Anyone trying to start a political movement is probably trying to increase the amount of force in society. Force usually ends up in a racket, a corrupt racket to take other peoples' money and give it to your supporters.

As a political movement turns into a racket, the leaders and the supporters have to turn off their consciences and keep telling themselves that the crimes they are committing are really the very essence of innocence and idealism. So they block their ears and eyes and pretend that everything is all right.

Liberals have been doing that for the last generation and more. That is why they have to demonize everyone that opposes them--as racists, sexists, homophobes, deniers. That is why they have resolutely refused to listen to the voice of conservative reform.

The net result is the worst administration in history. Now all we need is a monumental rejection at the polls.

Then we can get to work making American great again.


  1. Where were you from 2000 to 2008? I've read where you can't tell a republican anything and you are certainly proof. You only read what you want to read and only believe what you want to believe.

    We didn't get into this problem over night and the last time I looked, deficit spending had been curbed and the budget was being balanced. That was just before Clinton left office. For the past 8 years, Bush, yes a republican, has spent money like a drunken sailor and has driven us into serious problems. Two unnecessary wars, untold spending on contractors not only in these wars, but at home doing "secret work" - are we any more secure than we were prior to 9/11/2001? I doubt it. Lots of security "theatre" to make you believe we are. Lots of "scare tactics" to make you think we should be afraid. You should consider that prior to Obama getting into office, the rest of the world HATED THE US. I know as I was working in foreign countries at the time. They welcomed a change and now more countries want to be our friends. That is what will make us safe. Not body screens at the airport nor snooping our telephones calls.

    If you want to know about how to repeat history. Look at the past. The stock market crashed during Hoover's administration. His "fix" was to lower taxes on the rich and do nothing. That led to the depression just after Roosevelt got into office. The democrats fixed the problem, it just took years to do so. Now, once again, the republicans wants to do the same. Help the Rich, screw the middle class.

    The only difference is that back then Republicans and Democrats worked together. In fact, until around the early 90's they always tried to work together. Even during Reagan's administration. Now we have grid lock. Republicans did it to Clinton from '94 to '00 and the Democrats returned favor to Bush from '00 to '08. Now it back to the Republicans to sit back, nay-say everything, tear down everything and hope they can get back into power. What will they have then? We will all be screwed. No jobs. No homes. No economy. Maybe the healthcare legislation would have been better had there been some serious constructive help while the bill was being formed. No, lets make shit up and blast it all over the place in the hopes the bill will die. Instead we get a bill that's only one sided and will probably have problems.

    I'm not a liberal and I am not a conservative. I'm what this country needs more of - folks with a little to say on both sides that would just like all the bashing to stop and to have folks work together. You are being part of the problem by bringing one side and from a very narrow point of view.

    I could go on and on, but you need to do your research MUCH better. Stop just listening to idiots like Glenn Beck. He is a well paid clown that may not believe half the shit he says. Plus he will surely contradict himself not 6 months after he says something. Try reading news from other sources. Compare information. Truth is, NONE OF THE SOURCES ARE ACCURATE. ALL ARE BIASED. That's the whole point.

    The voice of conservatism is not the answer. People are angry at ALL people in congress. Don't believe that just because a republican wins the seat over an incumbent democrat its a victory. Its not unless that republican wants to work with both sides to better everything. If that republican just wants to push failed decades old policies like "trickle down" or "supply side" then we are doomed to fail and everybody will loose.

    Just think about it.

  2. So...the only sources of good information is NO SOURCE AT ALL.

    What gross foolishness and blathering pontification. Grow up. If you are so smart, are you RICH??