Friday, June 11, 2010

What "Mama Grizzlies?"

Gov. Sarah Palin is being too modest when she talks about "her mama grizzlies."

The only mama grizzly I see on the political radar is Palin herself.

Yeah. When that mama grizzly charges...

Conservative war-horse Pat Buchanan seems to have an eye on Palin. As a papa grizzly and political fighter who goes back to the Nixon years, you could say it takes one to know one.

It was Pat who noted, back last fall after Palin had introduced the gentle idea of "death panels" on her Facebook site, that "the lady knows how to frame an issue."

Pat, the political operative, is telling it like it is.

Now Pat's reacting to the Super Tuesday results. He muses on the MSM writing off Palin as a quitter. It reminds him of Nixon's famous farewell in 1962 when he quit politics after losing against Pat Brown, father of Jerry, in the race for governor of California. And how President Nixon ended up taking the oath of office a mere six years later.

So Palin quit as governor last year. Now look at her.

And though the media have painted Palin as a ditz, no politician in memory has conducted a more brilliant pre-presidential campaign, if that is what she is about, than the lady who calls herself "the Mama Grizzly."

Yes. She just happens to have picked a winner out of the pack in South Carolina. Nikki Haley may well be governor of a state with a key primary in 2012.

Palin endorsed Terry Branstad, a moderate, who will run for governor of Iowa in November. Iowa, let's see...

But then Palin backed John McCain against J.D. Hayworth in Arizona.

There's only one way to make sense of this mama bear's cuffing. She's backing people who will owe her in 2012. Big time.

She's aiming for the White House. That's not me. That's veteran Pat Buchanan's judgement.

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