Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Irresistible Force Meets Immovable Object

Fred Barnes thinks that the Obama administration has deliberately ramped up to ramming speed (shades of Ben-Hur) in an effort to get as much of the liberal agenda enacted as possible before Congress is purged of its liberal galley slaves in November.

Meanwhile Peggy Noonan reviews the movement of rejection that is building in the heartland. On immigration, the political class has ignored the concerns of ordinary folks (for the understandable reason that they don't want to lose the Hispanic vote) and ordinary folks just aren't going to take it any more.

Maybe you can call the Obama-Reid-Pelosi trireme an irresistible force, but, as the picture in the Journal shows, it looks like it's heading over a waterfall.

As a former Brit, I've been watching the campaign over there for the General Election on Thursday, and I've been marveling at the difference in the political atmosphere. Over there in Britland, you see a surly lot of voters that are fed up with their political elite. But they don't seem to be riled up enough to do anything about it. They grumble and whine, but that's all they do. They expect their leaders to come up with the answer.

Over here, the difference is palpable. People are just as pissed off, but they are are not sitting around waiting for leadership. They are getting up off their duffs and doing something about it.

And I mean both liberals and conservatives. Our liberal friends have just come off an eight-year effort discrediting everything the evil George W. Bush ever said or did. Hey, it worked! It got them the best result for Democrats in an election since 1964.

Now we've got conservatives and Tea Partiers revved up and they are taking to the streets and the telephones and the internet in a determined effort to do something about the radical, socialist, Marxist President Obama and his rubber-stamp Congress. The elections this November are shaping up as the biggest political earthquake since 1994. And very likely more.

Is this a great country or what?

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